Bar-Mitzvah at the Kotel

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Come celebrate your Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel with an organized production starting from the morning, and ending the day at a restaurant

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Breakfast on the way to the Kotel

We recommend a stop for breakfast in the middle of nature, at designated sites with wonderful scenery

Canada Park-Latrun/ Ben Shemen Forest

The bus arrives, the guests get off, and our team has already arranged everything….
While the MC introduces the Bar Mitzvah boy, and from there everyone proceeds to their tables which have been arranged with the special GEFFEN EVENTS menu.
There will be designed table settings, with team members close by.
We pay special attention to full accessibility for your guests.

Hotel Breakfasts

We can combine this with breakfast at one of the authentic coffee shops in Jerusalem, or at one of the hotels near the entrance to the city.
This is especially suitable for a cold winter’s day.

Bar Mitzvah procession

Balloon Release
Bar Mitzvah procession

We start with the blowing of the Shofar, while the MC touches our hearts with a special rendering of Shmah Yisrael.
Drummers, Shofars with a white canopy overhead, and we start rejoicing with the excited Bar Mitzva boy.
A professional artist-chazan (cantor) accompanies the procession, involves your shy aunty and Grandpa, and makes sure everyone is really sweating.
During the procession, we hand out party favours to the children, noisemakers, Hawaiian necklaces

Balloon Release

During the Bar Mitzvah procession, we make a stop for a blue and white coloured balloon release ceremony.
We hand out markers to the guests, who each write their personal wish to the Bar Mitzvah boy, and then count together 1…2…3…6…7…11…12…13
And let the balloons fly to the sound of the Shofar.

Tefillin Laying Ceremony

And Aliya (going up) to the Torah at the Kotel
Tefillin laying ceremony

Tefillin laying ceremony and Aliya to the Torah at the Kotel

Accompanied by a professional Bar Mitzvah counselor, who grants confidence to the Bar Mitzvah boy, and directs the Tefillin-laying ceremony at the Kotel.

We reserve special places for you next to the Mechitsa (partition), so that Mom can be close to her boy, and we provide water and sun umbrellas for our guests. 

We take the Torah scroll out of a special room under the Wilson Arch, in which are housed over 150 actively-used Torah scrolls !!

Other Sites for the Ceremony

We can perform the Tefillin-laying ceremony at additional sites near the Kotel, such as the “Yohanan Ben Zakai” synagogue which is in the Jewish Quarter on the way to the Kotel.

There is a variety of other synagogues and sites for performing the ceremony.

For additional details, contact us and we will find the perfect place for you.

Traditional Writing by a Scribe

A unique attraction in the Kotel tunnels
"A picture is worth a thousand words"
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