Bat-Mitzvah Productions

Different outdoor Bat-Mitzvah Productions

A Bat-Mitzvah Celebration with Outdoor Activities

A variety of fun, meaningful activities with the focus on the Bat-Mitzvah girl
The girls experience a unique outdoor activities workshop on testing their limits with professional guides.

In addition, you can work in various additional workshops after the main activity, and finish off with a good meal at at a restaurant.

A Bat-Mitzvah in Jerusalem


To celebrate in the Jerusalem air, we will meet at Zion Gate for a joyful procession through the Jewish Quarter, combining a beautiful candle-lighting ceremony, a balloon release, special outfits for the Bat-Mitzvah girl and more!

We will follow the procession with a fascinating tour relating directly to the Bar-Mitzvah girl, and finish off at the Kotel for a “Bat-Mitzvah certificate” presentation.

Afterwards we’ll continue on to the venue, where we’ll celebrate the Bat-Mitzvah with wonderful music and a special program

A Bat-Mitzvah in Zichron Yaakov

Experience women’s empowerment,

extraordinary legendary tales from the early settlers of Zichron Yaakov.

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