Bar Mitzvah Tzfat

The air, the scenery, the people, the sensations, the authenticty…

Bar-Mitzvah in Safed

They say that klezmer music was invented in Safed…whether or not that’s true, when you hear the clarinet echoing through the
 streets of the Old City, you get a magical sensation in the air!

Upon finally reaching one of Safed’s ancient authentic synagogues, “Abuhav” or “Yosef Caro”, we will begin the reading of the Torah ceremony



Additional Safed Attractions

We will make sure you have a once in a lifetime experience in Safed

whether it’s in a tour of the Old City, “Otzar Hastam” – an incredible new Biblical adventure experience, and more.

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Restaurants in Safed

We will end the Bar-Mitzvah celebration with a delicious meal at one of the great authentic local restaurants, offering a rich Safed-style cooking. 

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