Bar-Mitzvah Trip to Israel

Arriving from abroad for a Zionist Bar-Mitzva tour of Israel?
Come celebrate with us for an unforgetable trip!

Reception at the airport

We will receive you as you land at Ben Gurion airport, and accompany you throughout your entire stay in Israel,
giving you the VIP treatment for whatever you need for a special Israel experience:
hotels, special tours, buses, professional photography crew, and more

So let’s get started

Masada/The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, is the lowest point on Earth, the salty sea that you cannot drown in…
This unique place attracts tourists from all over the world. With an amazing view of Jordan, we will enjoy the healing mud and the relaxing surroundings.
From there, we will continue on to Masada, where you can decide if you want to hike up the mountain on the “snake path”, or take the leisurely route in the cable car.
Once there, we will learn about the extraordinary history of Masada and visit the most ancient synagogue in Israel.

Tiberias/Sea of Galilee

The road to Tiberias…the scenery changes from the endless mountains of the Negev to green pastures and vegetation.
In Tiberias, you will enjoy extreme sports activities in the Sea of Galilee, and an Israeli-style lunch on the beach.
We will then visit the Old City, where you can experience first hand the unique marketplace and people of Tiberias.


Safed is unique in its great height up on the mountain, and in its people who appear as if from a different era.
Authentic ancient synagogues, lively streets, and special tours to sample the unique flavors and fragrances of the city.
Here we can celebrate the reading of the Torah ceremony in an unforgettable way.
For more information see “Bar Mitzva in Safed”

Event Production in Israel

During your stay we will plan your event for you:
Bar-Mitzva, Bat-Mitzva, wedding, Henna, and more….
We will take care of the location, theme, design, branding, suppliers, and more!
All you have to do is show up as guests to your own celebration!

More Tourist Attractions in Israel

Endless varieties of tours and experiences in Israel
We will make sure to tailor your trip to fit your particular style and preferences
Here you will find everything you need in one place!

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